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 Lailah Mihr

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Character Application

Basic information

First Name: Lailah
Last Name: Mihr
Alias: N/A
Race: Half Angel

Birth information

Gender: Female
Birthday: December 13th

Life choices


Character information

Location: Port Calo
Rank: Royal
Skills Possessed: Ability to fly, the ability to hide her wings.


Hair Color/Style: Blonde/brown hair, down to waist
Eye color: silver green
Height: 5’ 7
Clothing: normal attire- light blue dress ending above the knee with dark blue jeans under it and black sandals. Royal attire – a long formal forest green dress with same color heals.
Distinguishing Marks: two white angel wings


Lailah is very kind, although that may be an understatement. No matter who or what you are she will help you to the best of her abilities. Some say it’s because she’s an angel but that’s not true, she just loves helping.
Besides being a royal and being the kindest being most have met, she has a playful side. She loves to play harmless jokes that she know people will laugh about. She loves to switch places with her twin although it always ends up as a fail.
Angels are normally quiet and shy away from being crowded but not Lailah she wants to be around as many people as possible. New places just excite her more, new places make her brighter, and new adventures makes her bubbly. She often walks into dangerous situations but that doesn’t stop her from exploring more, of course her twin thinks otherwise.

Likes: Being around people, feeling normal

Pet peeves: Simple…people staring at her. She hates her wings being stared at which makes her hide them allot, she also hates being called Princess.

Strengths: Speed, her speed is amazing since she uses her wings to help in that. She also thinks quite quickly to get out of bad or dangerous situations

Weaknesses: She is physically weak. Her strength has to be her weakness since she cant even hold her own against Mia (her twin)

Fears: Losing her family or close ones

Goal(s): To get out of her family’s SUPER tight grip and explore every inch of the world

Clan/Tribe Information

Name: Mihr Clan

Founder:Kallen Mihr

Abilities: They hold the ability to control one main element; fire, wind, earth, or water. They are known as elementalist angels. However only a few actually possess the ability. And only is it rare occasions that it is used.  

Physical Traits: Two angel wings, either a dark silver or a white.

Clan/Tribe Symbol: Lailah Mihr  200px-University_of_Plymouth_Coat_of_Arms

Location: In the ruins of Drumain.

Clan/tribe History: Most know the Mihr for their royalty since the beginning of time. They were first protectors of the earth, caring for every living creature in it. They were kind and sophisticated until the humans fought against them. Humans became wreckless and unleashed a terrible demon upon the kindom. The angel became hateful towards the humans, being ruthless and cruel. They continued to fight human versus angel, angels were known as the white devils back then. That is until Kallen, who was only a prince at the time, fell for a young woman, human. Thus came the first member of the Mihr family, a teshi. Half human half angel the Mihr took their place upon the throne.

Of course Kallen would not have humans fight with angels no longer and turned them to a new enemy, demons that had possessed humans. Both fear and anger filled the angels but they agreed none the less. Angels and humans then became allies once again and the Mihr became royalty in both lands. Angels were allowed to inhabit earth as much as they liked and soon became similar to humans themselves taking on their habits and speaking abilities.


History: Lailah’s parents were great descendants of Kallen, their fore royalty as well. Lailah and her twin sister Mia were born without royalties, in order of her mother. They grew up normal children not knowing who they really were or what they were.  Mia took the role of an older sibling and taught young Lailah how to do things on her own. It was then she learned her family’s secret.
One day young Mia and young Lailah were playing along a riverbank, a place for solitude for the two twins. Lailah, the adventurer, wondered too far along the path and ended up at a Cliffside, which only excited her. Her twin begged and pleaded with her to get away from such a dangerous spot. Which only made Lailah stick her tongue out at her twin in the most childish way possible. Mia knew if she couldn’t tell her not to, join her. So she did, the two tins played and giggled the night away that was until the Cliffside gave out from under Mia’s feet. Lailah rushed to catch her, grabbing her wrist in time. Lailah tried and tried to pull her twin but no use, tears began to fall. Finally with one jerk back, eyes shut, Lailah took flight. Small white wings flew from the flesh protectant, ripping the child’s bare skin, drenching the white feathers in a crimson liquid.

~10 years later~

It was then her parents realized she could never escape from their destiny as the next heir to the throne. They took Lailah and Mia to Port Calo to grow up as royals but still children none the less.

RP Sample: Lailah laughed and ran away from her pursuer. A feminine groan echoed behind her. “Lailah it’s not funny!” Lailah turned to meet her twin “oh come on Mia, isn’t this fun?” Mia shook her head, blonde curls falling everywhere “no its not! Grow up already, you just turned 18 not 5.” Lailah rolled her eyes and crossed her arms “you sound like father.” The twin glared and resorted back “maybe there’s a reason for that.” Soon both twins laughed, excitement and playfulness playing in their eyes. They could never truly be mad at each other, they were too close.

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Lailah Mihr
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