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 Angelic Serafina

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Character Application

Basic information

First Name: Serafina
Last Name: Unknown
Alias: Sera
Race: Angel

Birth information

Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, Now looks 12-13
Birthday: April 7th

Life choices

Sexuality: Straight
Relationships: Younger brother

Character information

Location:  Originally from England
Rank: Spritely
Skills Possessed: Is able to heal with a slight golden light, however she will obtain the wound for a short amount of time. (Depending on the severity of the wound). Has the ability to manipulate nature. Also can use white wings.


Hair Color/Style: Platimum blod, long, either down or in two pigtails
Eye color: Blue, changes to silver when healing
Height: 4’ 1
Weight: 85 lbs
Clothing: Street Clothing: a short silver dress with a short sleeved black jacket, black heeled boots. Angelic clothing: Long white dress with a slit up both sides, stopping at upper leg, ribbons around her feet
Distinguishing Marks: None
Before (human)

Before (angel)



Personality: Serafine has quite the personality; a split one. One half is childish and obnoxious; often causing trouble, getting into situations she can’t control. This side often acts just like a child; getting angry easily, pouting at not getting her way, ect. This causes her to seem like just that... a child. When she’s in fights she’s rash and hard to predict often changing her patterns. She also has mood swings, one minute she’s happy and the next...she’s pouting in a corner. She also does not want to help unless it involves herself and will benefit herself.
The other side shows that she’s not in fact a child. She’s calm and rational, not getting upset at all. Her mind thinks a calmly and is able to figure out any situation. It’s easy for her to remove herself from fights and negotiates with the person. It’s an adult like state where her angelic habits (taking care of others before herself, for example) comes out. This is often the most time she’s injured because she has a tendency to heal others quickly without a second thought.

Likes: Candy or any sweets (mostly chocolate), being around or near nature, helping others (even when she doesn’t admit it)

Pet peeves: Idiots, egotistical bastards, people who like to play the role of god by taking or giving life.

Strengths: Able to maneuver easily to avoid any obstacles that may be threatening.

Weaknesses: Strength, she’s as week physically as say a 12 year old girl would be.

Fears: Not being able to return to her former self and help amongst humans.

Goal(s): To return to her normal self

Clan/Tribe Information




Physical Traits: (any physical aspect that each member of the clan has)

Clan/Tribe Symbol:

Location: (Where is the location that was founded)

Clan/tribe History:


History: Birth..... Serafina, names  Sarah when she was a human, was a miracle child. She was born under conditions that should have killed the baby instantly, something the father wanted, but that’s another thing entirely. Sarah grew up in a normal childhood, not poor but not rich either. She had her brother and her mother, that’s all she needed. It was really nice, of course she had her hardships like any normal child.

However that innocent playful child never knew what hardships was; until her 6th birthday. A day when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, stage 3. That’s when she planned for the worse, and that’s exactly what happened.

Sarah, at a young age, always believed that God has his own ways of things. So it did not bother her for she knew that God had called her mother for more important things. So Sarah kept her head up and took care of her brother as best as she could, with the help of family members.

The two children stayed with an Aunt, a loving and caring person. However Sarah’s life was now a short time from being over. On the girl’s 18th birthday, her Aunt threw a huge party. However her brother asked to get supplies to help. Of course Sarah said yes, however followed the boy for she had a bad feeling. Her feeling was never wrong; for just as the young boy crossed the street a car curved, hitting a post then flipping multiple times, directly for her brother.  All that was heard was a piercing scream and bones crushing.

A child was rushed into the hospital, the driver dead at the scene. However when the Aunt ran through the glass doors....it was not Sarah sitting there, but a bundled, shaking, and fearful boy. Sarah had taken the hit and was unresponsive. The boy was covered in his sister’s blood, taking only minimum damage, a cut here a scrape there. But no, not Sarah. Right now they we retrying everything possible to remove metal from the girl.
The most horrible thing that could happen... the doors of the double glass opened; a doctor, a nurse, a police officer....and a Mortician. Both the Aunt and the brother knew then but hearing the words only made it worse. Their loveable caring girl that once was the life of the party was now a lifeless shell.
With faith and religion the lifeless because the lifeful, Sarah was dead yes but now Serafina was born. Serafina was an angel that was allowed to roam the streets, taking the looks of a normal human girl. However she knew nothing of her past or what happened, she was a new person with a new mission.

However that mission was clouded when she made some SEVERE mistake by playing god a taking a life, her punishment? Living the life of a 12 year old, split personality, child, with the only memory of her brother.

RP Sample: Serafine gently tapped her leg, her younger brother late again. She laid back with a slight sigh, her eyes drifting right then left “late again?!” Her voice dripped with a heavy british accent picked up from where she currently stayed., London. Her blue eyes darted once more before jumping up and walking to the nearest airport, her destination.. .America “bloody hell that bastard... I’ll go myself.” She then boarded a plan and flew to the destination, why she didn’t just use her own wings was a mystery. Then again her brother wanted her to “experience human things” whatever bloody that meant. She however calmed and walked looked out the window "what adventure do you hold God?"

Reference: Lillith Kain
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Angelic Serafina
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