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 Zander "Z" Zeke

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Zander "Z" Zeke

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PostSubject: Zander "Z" Zeke   Zander "Z" Zeke EmptySat Mar 08, 2014 3:04 pm

Character Application

Basic information

First Name: Zander
Last Name: Zeke
Alias: Z., The Father of Dragons
Race: Demon

Birth information

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, physical age 20 (when his body stopped aging)
Birthday: March 12th

Life choices

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationships: N/A

Character information

Location: Wanderer
Rank: Elder
Skills Possessed: Transforms into a massive dragon, the size of a small city. He is the first dragon ever, the patriarch of the entire dragon race.

When not in this form he can breathe, create and manipulate fire.


Hair Color/Style: Dirty Blonde
Eye color: Vibrant Blue
Height: 6 feet even
Weight: 124 pounds when human, unknown when in dragon form
Clothing: Wears almost anything and has no distinctive style. He tends to try to not draw attention to himself. Though he always has a collar around his neck, it suppresses his energy and power, making him appear to those who can sense as nothing more than just a human.
Distinguishing Marks: multiple ear piercings,


Personality: Zander likes his privacy, though he isn't a reclusive person by any means. He enjoys being out in crowds, milling about as just another person in the multitudes of beings that walked the earth. He was a kind being, despite being quite possibly one of the eldest demons still alive. His countless years on the planet had tempered him, causing his anger to be slow to rise, but explosive was irked.

Zander rarely will change into his demonic form, simply because it is too large. Being a flaming, nearly indestructible ancient dragon has its advantages, but he knew better than to use it in a populated city.

Zander isn't one to shy away from a fight, though tends to try to avoid extreme conflict, for fear of needing to shift. He is a loyal being, and despises anything he considers a betrayal, having been betrayed far too many times in his youth.

He also speaks in an accent that no longer exists in the world, having been born long, long, long before the english language existed. He speaks it fluently, as well as 17 other dialects, but all have his ancient, and unique, accent.

Likes: People, places, and things, not necessarily in that order.

Pet peeves: Betrayal, or anything he considers as a betrayal. Also, extreme conflict and arrogance.

Strengths: Raw Power, due entirely to his age.

Weaknesses: Unable to draw upon that power for fear of what it could do to the environment around him

Fears: Fears destroying a city by accident. Fears losing control of his primitive side, his draconian nature taking over.

Goal(s): To live forever, since he will not die from old age, and to see as much of the world, and all it's advancements as possible.

Clan/Tribe Information




Physical Traits: (any physical aspect that each member of the clan has)

Clan/Tribe Symbol: 

Location: (Where is the location that was founded)

Clan/tribe History: 


History:Zander has existed since time immemorial, going by many names throughout his extremely long life; Akilroth, Akatosh, The Devourer. Little is known about how he came to be, did he have parents or did he simply coalesce into existence? What is known is that from him was born the race of Dragons, and and that any who claim draconian blood can trace their lineage back to Zander.

In his early years Z was a creature of impulses and instinct, violent and vicious. He would lash out at anything and anyone, butchering thousands. He became revered as a God by the primitive lifeforms that would one day become the predominant race on the planet. He was a God of death, and he reaped his bounty often. Sacrifices were made in his name, blood shed to appease his hunger. Entire wars fought for his pleasure.

Eventually the years began to temper the beast, and he could assume a bipedal form, matching that of the indigenous race. He began to become more like them, gaining their cunning and adaptability to bolster and direct his animal instincts. Soon Zander began to mate with the females, creating abominations. His hybrid offspring spread like a plague.

Then the Demon lords clashed for power, capturing and harnessing dragons for their war. And thus the Dragon Wars began. Powerful Demon lords would bend Dragons to their will, and ride them into battle against their enemies, slaughtering countless lesser demons and other slave races. Destruction ruled the world, enveloping the planet in a haze of smoke and ruin. Zander himself was never captured, for no Demon lord dared to even attempt to conquer the ancient patriarch. Eventually he entered the fray himself, and killed or enslaved ALL of the Demon lords, ending the war, and preventing them from destroying the world.

Soon after his victory came the Purge. The other races banded together, recognizing the destructive power inherit in the Dragon race, and created an army of unique soldiers bred and trained their entire lives for the sole purpose of hunting down, and slaughtering dragons. Zander went into hiding, feeling and sensing his kin being killed, one by one, until only he remained. Zander went to ground, hiding for centuries, millenia even, before he once more resurfaced. By this point humanity had swallowed the globe, spitting out the grit and refuse, making sprawling cities, and towns. Zander moved among them, picking up their new cultural trends, languages, and technology.

However, his power once more could be felt by those who would use him for their nefarious purposes. And so he found a way to hide his power signature, preventing open warfare once more. Since his return to civilization Zander has once again begun to populate the Dragon race, however, these new dragons have human intelligence to temper their primal nature, and are far better at remaining anonymous, and therefore alive and free from slavery.

RP Sample: Zander flew through the open air, far from any populated area. His passing left a path of destruction on the icy ground beneath him, the flames from his body superheating the air around him, effecting the ground several miles below him. He veered to his left, roaring his pleasure at being able to fly once more, having been trapped in his human form for far too long.

He decided he needed to do this more often, and slowly drifted lower, dipping into the sea, boiling the water instantly, which had moments before been below freezing temperatures. Zander floated on the surface, the flames on his body extinguished so long as he remained partially submerged.
Reference: How did you get here?
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PostSubject: Re: Zander "Z" Zeke   Zander "Z" Zeke EmptySun Mar 09, 2014 12:57 pm

You have been APPROVED......
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Zander "Z" Zeke
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