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 Alvah the flirt

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PostSubject: Alvah the flirt   Alvah the flirt EmptyFri Mar 07, 2014 7:47 pm

Character Application

Basic information

First Name:  Alvah
Last Name: Unknown
Alias: N/A
Race: Demon

Birth information

Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: January 4th

Life choices

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationships: None

Character information

Location: wander
Rank: Tracker
Skills Possessed: Slight mind control - is able to control the persons mind (single turn only) ability to turn into a feline of somesort, can use certain traits of a cat


Hair Color/Style: Black, semi messy, bangs that hang in eyes sometimes
Eye color: Gold
Height: 6'
Weight: 140lbs
Distinguishing Marks: Scar across the back of his neck


Personality: One word...flirt. Its his favorite thing to do. He messes with anyone he thinks is a good target. Although he's a compltete flirt he does have a kind side if he wants to. Though 95% of the time he is dominating. He will not hesitate to physically and emotionally tease his victims, he will force the teasing upon them but will back off if he thinks he is harming them. Alvah is kinder to cats then anything else, often putting them above others. Also Alvah has this 'bad boy rap' and he uses that to his advantage.

Likes:flirting, fighting and a mix of both, plus cats

Pet peeves: rejection

Strengths: strong, intelligent, and daring

Weaknesses: balance, range, easily distracted

Fears: What does your character fear? Its different then having a weakness.

Goal(s): Never being accepted for being a demon who is Bi

Clan/Tribe Information




Physical Traits: (any physical aspect that each member of the clan has)

Clan/Tribe Symbol:

Location: (Where is the location that was founded)

Clan/tribe History:


History: Alvah was the sterio-typical “rich pretty boy”, he had everything going for him. Everyone wanted to be him. He loved it that way, but somehow wanted more. One day while playing with a friend of his, at the age of 8, he began to realize he was different. It was age 14 he knew why. He was attracted to his friend, something that he never knew was possible. He wouldn’t accept it and forced himself to be straight because of the fear he held.
This caused him to go in a deep depression. Finally when he spoke about it, the male betrayed him and told his parents. His parents were outrage, not that he cared, and ended up disowning him at the age of 16. He was perfectly fine with that and began to be open about how he felt. He began to become street smart and grew his now formed ‘bad boy’ rep. Now 18, he was able to do whatever he please, most of the time getting in trouble but he didn’t mind, he never hurt anyone. It wasn’t until his 21st birthday did he realized not everyone accepted him. Sure he knew that he would get stares and hatred but he thought it was his parents fault.
On his 21st birthday he held his first love, a man slightly older then himself. But the two just simply grew apart and that was fine. Though the man returned and begged to be taken back, when Alvah said no the man grew violent, causing the younger male to be scarred on the neck. That was the only time Alvah ever touched someone else’s blood, and that stuck with him ever since. The bad boy, flirtatious, cat demon.

RP Sample: Alvah stretched his limps against the harsh bark of a tree, his newly found friend right beside him. The black kitten, who he named Kuro, looked at him with a slight ‘mew’ sound. Alvah snickered “sorry bud, I have no more food.” The kitten seemed to sigh but crawled up him to rest on his shoulder. Alvah jumped from the tree he was upon and began walking, eyes searching for his next victim “Kuro who do you think would be best?” The kitten meowed in response, looking towards a male shop owner, making the demon hiss “nah I’ll pass.”

Reference: Lailah
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PostSubject: Re: Alvah the flirt   Alvah the flirt EmptyFri Mar 07, 2014 8:13 pm

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Alvah the flirt
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