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 Garther Nix

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Garther Nix

Garther Nix

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PostSubject: Garther Nix   Garther Nix EmptyFri Mar 07, 2014 5:56 pm

Character Application

Basic information

First Name: Garther
Last Name: Nix
Alias: Gar
Race:Human (spellcaster)

Birth information

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: September 3rd

Life choices

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationships: N/A

Character information

Location: Has No where he calls home
Rank: N/A
Skills Possessed: Garther is capable of using magic, focusing on summoning, and manipulating.


Hair Color/Style: Long, covering most of face, dark brown.
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 5'11
Weight: 132lbs
Clothing: Dark gothic style, accentuated by wristbands, rings, and chains around his neck. Paints his fingernails black, and has both ears pierced.
Distinguishing Marks: Has a tattoo of a pair of crossed bandaids on his neck.


Personality: Garther is an outcast, a loner, not much one for company, of any sort. Very few people have ever gotten into his heart, but those that do never get out again. He is loyal to those he does care for, and would do anything for them. He is very reserved, and awkward around people he takes a liking to.

However he changes in dangerous situations, and shows off his calm, confident side. He can handle himself quite well in a fight against other humans, and his magical skill makes it so he can at least protect himself from non-human threats.

Despite being a loner Garther is a naturally trusting person, believing the best in others, and basically anything they tell him. He isn't naive however, and can tell when he's being had.

Likes: He likes reading, listening to music, relaxing, spending a lot of time laying around.

Pet peeves: Ignorant people, judgemental people, those who insult, injure or otherwise belittle those who are of a different race/gender/sexual orientation.

Strengths: Garther is smart, intuitive, and cunning.

Weaknesses: He isn't very strong physically however, nor is he very fast.

Fears: Garther fears that no matter where he goes he will never fit in, anywhere.

Goal(s): His goal is to find a place he can return to, somewhere he considers home, and someone to share it with.

Clan/Tribe Information




Physical Traits: (any physical aspect that each member of the clan has)

Clan/Tribe Symbol: 

Location: (Where is the location that was founded)

Clan/tribe History: 


History: Garther never knew his family, having been brought up in an orphanage since as far back as he can remember. He grew up surrounded by other boys and girls that were as close to him as strangers, never letting any of them in, except for one boy, who was different then the others.

When they were in their young teens the two boys became inseparable, however their friendship was more than most people expected between two teenage boys. They each had a crush on the other, but neither knew what to do about it, nor what this feeling was. It wasn't until Garther was 16, a year older than the other boy, who's name was Kyle, that they expressed their feelings for one another, in private. They shared a single kiss before everything collapsed.

Somehow one of the other boys found out, one of the bigger, bully boys, one not of the orphanage. He picked on the two boys, insulting them, beating them up, stealing from them, and making their lives living hell. Garther had enough, and summoned a knife to his hand, though not knowing how he had done it at the time, and threatened, and then stabbed the bully. Afterwards Garther and Kyle ran away from the orphanage. Kyle didn't live much longer afterwards, having sustained a major internal injury from the beatings they both received.

Garther left behind the small town in which he had grown up, moving into a bigger city, doing odd jobs, mostly in the fast food industry. He had a couple other girl and boyfriends, but nothing like what he shared with Kyle, the instant attraction, the depthless emotion. He moved around alot, never settling into one place, not allowing himself to feel at home until he found that one person who could heal the wound in his soul. Over this time he discovered his magical talent, and honed it, making himself a formidable summoner. He could summon, and bind to his will many lesser demons, and even some more powerful creatures, but he has never tested how much he can truly handle, not wanting to discover something beyond his control, for fear of the consequences.

RP Sample: Garther walked along the sidewalk, eyes downcast. He idly adjusted the earbud in his ear, not even paying attention to the music that was emanating from the small speaker. He was thinking of Kyle again, and of the way he was cruelly taking from the world far before his time.

Garther turned a corner, and spotted a small cafe up ahead. He walked into the coffee shop, and sat down, leaning back in his seat, shutting his eyes. He sighed lightly, the sound very effeminately, though that was done purposefully. He just sat there for a while, resting for a bit. He had been on his feet all day, walking the city he was currently in, not even bothering to learn it's name, he just knew he was somewhere in the U.S., he didn't even know which state.

Reference: Ezrion
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Lillith Kain
Lillith Kain

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PostSubject: Re: Garther Nix   Garther Nix EmptyFri Mar 07, 2014 6:11 pm

You have been Approved!
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Garther Nix
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