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 Lillith Kain

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Lillith Kain
Lillith Kain

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Character Application

Basic information

First Name: Lillith
Last Name: Kain
Alias: Lilli, The Demon Rose
Race: Demon

Birth information

Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, assumed to be over 24
Birthday: January 4th

Life choices

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationships: N/A

Character information

Location: New York City
Rank: Slave Assassin
Skills Possessed: She has swordsmanship that is top notch, can cause the sword to be filled with her demonic aura, allowing the blade to be sharper but more deadly to both her and her enemy.


Hair Color/Style: light blonde with blue highlights, short, just below her ears. The style is a bit chopped
Eye color: Blood Red
Height: 5’ 7
Weight: 135lbs
Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo of a Celtic rose across her shoulder blades


Personality: Lillith is distant and a bit cold, she never likes to talk to anyone. Though that is due to her fear of her so called ‘Prince’. Her hatred for him causes her to be cold and heartless at times. This especially shows in battle; her voice low and demonic, her eyes emotionless even when taking a life, she never bats an eye for someone who begs for their life.
Though this isn’t who she really is; she’s kind and considerate. Lillith hates blood-shed, more so when taking an innocent life but she has no choice. She is forever bound to her Prince and must do as he says even though her heart breaks every time someone dares to look her in the eyes as she slowly kills them. She did not want to be an assassin.  
Lillth is more human like then demon, since she is indeed a half-blood. Her father was human while her mother a demon. That’s why she is kind and cares for things rather than her mother who does not.
Because of her mother and her Prince she tends to talk back to those higher then to herself. Just to piss them off, it’s the only pleasure she gets since she knows one of these days her mouth with get her beloved Prince angry with her.
When sent on a mission for the Royal Pain in the Ass, she tries to act emotionless and get the job done quickly. She gets very angry when she can’t do that.
This is a bad thing because Lillith has a short fuse and takes no guff from anyone, when someone advances on her, she will not hesitate to draw her weapons on the person.

Likes: She loves to venture off on her own to explore new places. Her favorite thing is to roam the hideout’s walls at night, quite literally on the outside walls.

Pet peeves: Crowds, she hates  them. She figures it’s hard to get a job done.

Strengths: Lillith is great as weaponry, swords and daggers being her favorites.

Weaknesses: Lillith is physically weak that’s why she turns to weapons

Fears: To be forever tied to the Prince and never be able to be free and have a life of her own.

Goal(s): To kill the smug little Prince she is tied to.

Clan/Tribe Information




Physical Traits: (any physical aspect that each member of the clan has)

Clan/Tribe Symbol:

Location: (Where is the location that was founded)

Clan/tribe History:


Two lovers that were never meant to be found love hidden in each other. A man of human blood, and a woman cursed with the eternal life of a demon. Though they could never be separated, they were truly in love, never doubting once their love for each other. Of course this wasn’t heard of with their current leader so they left for hiding.

Innocent cries filled the night sky as the woman held the child carefully. It was almost as if the child would break if she were to move wrong. The woman realized that the child was a demon and therefor couldn’t break so easily.  The baby looked almost angelic like except for her pure blood eyes. The woman thought of the perfect name Lillith, a name that was passed down. The name mean lover of darkness. The woman knew how that would work., that one day this child will be a high rank and be one of the most successful half-bloods.

Though they did not expect to fall so far in trouble with the Demons. The Prince ruled that it was not acceptable for a human and demon to breed so he ordered his drones to kill both the child and the human. He wanted the woman alive in order to torture her for her sins, and he wanted to see the blood of the woman who disobeyed his rules.
~Slavery at a young age~
It was years before the Prince finally found the lovers and their child, but by then the child grew more stronger. The father knew what he had to do in order to protect their lives, he offered the girl. At first he told the prince IF they were to have a daughter they would hand it over, telling that the child she had was male. The prince agreed that the girl would become his. As time went by the Prince found that the man was lying to him, he was outraged. Lillith, now old enough to know what was going on, was taken from her home. The prince intended to use her as bait but soon took a liking to the girl.
Her father instantly offered the girl for the Prince to own, and it pleased him. The prince considered it and agreed, he would spare their lives if the girl would be his for all of their life. Of course the prince had no intention of following through with the agreement and killed the couple anyway.


So there she was; a property of the prince with no say in the matter. She was homeless and an orphan so she followed the man’s orders. But the young girl grew into a young woman and her pure loving heart became bitter and cold. Her life would never be the same again, vowing to kill the man responsible for her parent’s death, the same man who used her as a killing machine.
Lillith’s name soon began to fit as people now feared her, feared what the Prince will make her do. She never forgot the tears she shed the day she found out she was bound forever to the prince. She was bound, his new toy. An slave assassin.

RP Sample: Her eyes cold and dark, her hatred burning in her eyes. She looked upon the very man who took everything from her. Her hands clenched as she walked away, emotionless and wordless. She found herself at the gates of the home she was bound to. A gentle smile appeared on her lips, one that was only hers to see.
She thought back to her parents and how they used to be. Her hands clenched once more but paused, forcing her tense muscles to relax. She couldn’t stay mad, not with the wind blowing. It tossed her short, boy-ish hair in different directions which made her smile more. If anyone were to see her, she knew they would not see her as the demon killing machine they were used to.
No they would see a demon and human’s daughter. Lillith’s eyes widen “better get back before that bastard tries to do anything.”

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Lillith Kain
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