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 Ezrion Arbusa

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Character Application

Basic information

First Name: Ezrion
Last Name: Arbusa
Alias: Ezzy, The Berserker
Race: Half-Demon

Birth information

Gender: Male
Age: 36
Birthday: Sept 8th

Life choices

Sexuality: Straight
Relationships: None

Character information

Location: New York
Rank: Assassin
Skills Possessed: Can change between his human and demonic form. Can also do partial transformations, IE: change only his hands to his demonic claws, or grow his wings.
Can create and manipulate chains, and a sword (shown in image) and can have up to five chains of up to ten feet out at once.


Hair Color/Style: Long Black and loose, flowing down past his shoulders, messy with long bangs.
Eye color: Crimson
Height: 6'3”
Weight: 173lbs
Clothing: A distinct gothic style, usually wearing dark clothing, complete with hoods and an assortment of metal accessories, such as piercings and the like.
Distinguishing Marks: Every inch of his body is covered in tattoo's, excluding his face. He has a scar through his left eye, discolouring the eye to a milky white, though the eye still works perfectly fine above the eye the scar forks into two small furrows, while below it travels down his entire cheek, and jaw, tracing down his neck to his collar bone.


Personality:  Ezrion is kind, yet sarcastic and cocky, he prefers to talk to others and get to know them, liking to meet new people, even if eventually he must harm them. He does not mind making friends or enemies, and looks forward to any encounter with someone from either category. He gives his honest opinion to any who ask, but knows when to be tactful, and will not flat out insult someone to their face.

He is not opposed to violence, and in fact enjoys it. He in quite intelligent, though in battle the rush and thrill of combat clouds his judgment, causing his berserk fighting style. He is a being who enjoys luxury, and will not turn down any invitation, or request put to him. He is quite fond of women, and is rather lustful, but treats women as goddesses, almost never doing anything they do not want him to. He has been known to slip up now and again, more often in his youth, when he was still prone to idiotic decisions on the fly.

To those who first meet him he seems hard to reach and distant, but this is far from true, and he does this as a way to test people, to see if they are worth befriending, or if he should kill them, which happens less often. It still happens however, even despite Ezrion's incredibly thick skin. He can take insults quite well, most rolling right off of him. However he can not stand someone disrespecting those he truly cares about.

Ezrion like to keep people guessing about him, and can have various shifts in personality, though usually remaining in the core of a kind talkative man, who enjoys meeting people. He is also very quick to anger on occasion, his temper flaring up like a patch of oil hit by a spark. When angered he loses self control, and becomes like a rabid animal, blindly attacking, verbally, psychically, emotionally, mentally. He dislikes doing this however, as it usually leaves him alone afterwards, one thing he dislikes above all else.

Likes: Meeting people and talking, and fighting. He really enjoys sex, and hitting on women, and just women in general. He is addicted to mint, in almost any form or variant.

Pet peeves: Ezrion dislikes very little, but spicy food, and disrespect for his loved ones. Ezrion also dislikes prudish woman who won't let themselves have some fun every now and then.

Strengths: He is good at taking and dishing out hits, not caring how badly wounded he becomes so long as whoever he is fighting is crushed underfoot. He is a tank, able to sustain massive amounts of damage, having been nearly torn in half and continued to fight, slaying the beast who wounded him.

Weaknesses: Ezrion lacks strategy, and often fails to see what his foes have planned, costing him gravely. Due to his style of combat he generally is defeated by those who plan ahead.

Fears: Ezrion fears solitude above all else, which is why he is always trying to be around others, no matter their race or intentions. He can not abide being alone for long periods of time, even to sleep.

Goal(s): Ezrion just wants to find worthy challenges, fighting the best of the best, and overcoming them all. He wants to be the greatest warrior of all time. He is willing to achieve this one battle at a time if need be.

Clan/Tribe Information

Name: N/A

Founder: N/A

Abilities:  N/A

Physical Traits: N/A

Clan/Tribe Symbol: N/A

Location: N/A

Clan/tribe History: N/A


History: A violent birth, born not out of a loving relationship between two beings, but out of a lustful desire on the part of his father, the Demon Lord Salmathor. The demon took a human form and raped a woman, leaving in her his child. At first the woman thought to rid herself of the child, but could never bear the thought of killing her unborn son.

So Ezrion was born, and in the process his mother died. His father took the boy in, turning him into a powerful weapon, but one he could not control. Ezrion took after his mother in so many ways, his overly accepting personality being the major aspect. It allowed him to do what his father asked, without hating the man,  and not be manipulated by that hatred.

Ezrion grew into a powerful young man, coming into his demonic blood hard as a teenager, emulating his father in many ways, including seducing and impregnating a human woman, though he did not know he had. Ezrion outgrew this stage and became the weapon his father had always wanted, though more powerful then anticipated.

One day Ezrion finally snapped, and attacked his father, pinning his father onto a massive stone tablet, chaining his limbs down, and impaling him through the stomach, knowing full well his father wouldn't die from this. He walked away, never once looking back at his defeated father, his first major victory as the sellsword he would become.

After leaving his father's house Ezrion travelled the world, fighting powerful enemies, and gaining a new name: The Berserker.

RP Sample: Tamashi stayed on the ground, cowering at Lin's feet, and he looked up at her, for some reason his eyes again altering their vision and he buried his head in his arms. Tamashi heard her giggle as he had walked past, probably at his face, which was undoubtedly red. When he heard her first remark he had stopped in his tracks temporarily before moving on, pausing for less than a second. 

He cowered at her feet, because he had seen someone naked, her. "M-miss. Lin, I did peak. I p-peaked at you." He commented after she said something about peaking on the sake, which he had actually. He looked up at her, his vision normal, when she put her hand on his shoulder. When she began to look through the basket he wondered whether she was looking for something to discipline him with.

Tamashi was surprised when Lin told him to sit up. commenting on the temperature, and saying that he should take off his jacket which he did. He lay it on the ground, and felt slightly warmer, but was still very cold, and was still shivering. Tamashi felt the cloth being wrapped around him and he looked up at Lin. "Miss Lin..."

Tamashi watched as she pulled up her sleeves and again placed her hair into a ponytail, and continued to stare at her hair, captivated by it for some reason. He huddled himself under the sheet, gratitude and humiliation welling up in him. Gratitude for the kindness, and humiliation for what he had done to Lin. 

Tamashi watched as she took his jacket and added it into the basket with everything else. He then looked at her extended hand and used it to stand. He listened to Lin's statement about the cloth, and Tamashi could feel his eye filling up with tears, and he hugged Lin tightly, his eyes shut, tears streaming out of them. "Thank you Miss. Lin for everything you've done, even with what I did, which is unforgivable. I should never have peaked at Miss. Lin, and I promise I hadn't meant to, honest I only wanted to see what the Sake looked like, and maybe try a little. But I never meant to peak at Miss. Lin's body." His face was buried into her shoulder, and his tears were pouring out into her. 

Tamashi quickly pulled away, rubbing his arm over his eyes, brushing away his tears. He hadn't wanted to get Lin as soaked as he was, but he felt too bad to move on, so he stood still, looking down at the floor, shivering under the sheet, which in spots was already soaked through.

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PostSubject: Re: Ezrion Arbusa   Ezrion Arbusa EmptyThu Sep 26, 2013 3:32 pm

Great! Character looks good, welcome to the Demons!

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Ezrion Arbusa
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