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 Rules, please read them

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Lillith Kain
Lillith Kain

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Rules, please read them Empty
PostSubject: Rules, please read them   Rules, please read them EmptyTue Jul 30, 2013 12:00 pm

The rules are pretty simple, you must follow each rule listed here.

When registering please use your character name. if you didn't when first registering, then it can be changed for you by a mod or Admin. Once you make your character profile, wait until it is approved by a mod or Admin before rping. Also in you make your own clan then you need to wait till both profiles are completed and approved before you rp.

Try to be nice to everyone. Be friendly towards them. If there being a butt-head then either ignore them or report them to myself or any Mod.

There is no killing, except when your in the Slayer Society or the other person is aware of killing. If your really that blood thirsty then there is a OOC (out of character) place for you to get that desire out of the way. But in character please refrain from unnecessary killing. Blood-shed is fine.

ABSOLUTELY NO GOD-MODELING.... God-modeling is when your not able to be scratched or have no weaknesses. In battle, you must give the other person a change to block your attack or defend. But when your being attacked there is no way you can reflect every attack that is thrown in your direction.

Chat Box -it is a privilege. Do not abuse it. If you do, you will first be warned then kicked off the box. Upon your return we hope your attitude has approved. If it has not, then you will be banned for 3 days. If continued you will be banned for good.

Avatars- Every member can have their very own Avatar to represent your character. But however, you must stay within the size limit, it is 200 x 200. If you believe that is too small, let a Admin know and it will be modified.

Admin/Mod- please respect them, they are here to help you. If you think they are being unfair or judgmental then there is a OOC please called Help... place your concern there. But ABSOLUTELY NO WHINING OR COMPLAINING! It will not be tolerated.

Cursing- please keep cursing down, please don't turn every rp into a curse-fest. Not everyone likes people cursing so if they seem they do not like it or say so, please listen to them.

Travel - close by cities is around a 200 min, neighboring States/Towns 400 word min, and finally other states or towns there is a 600-700 word min. The near by areas are all in the same category.

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Rules, please read them
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